Back to the Workplace Kits

The light is at the end of the tunnel! All provinces and territories in Canada have announced their plans to begin the re-open process. This is amazing news! We have spent the better part of the last two months living in an unprecedented world. Watching Netflix instead of going out to socialize was considered, “doing your part.” Thankfully, we are going to see businesses shuttered after being considered non-essential, open back up. 

Your staff, either working from home or furloughed, will be eager to get out of their homes and back to being productive and seeing friends and co-workers… so how can you stroke the fire or energy that many will have coming back while also giving them the tools to keep them safe?

We think we can help with that.


Genumark dedicated a team of Account Managers to curate a list of the most effective products that can be bundled together to make the perfect Welcome Back or Back to the Workplace Kits. The kit is a perfect blend of items that are going to be useful in the new corporate setting reality while also giving them a sense of comfort that their employers are thinking about them and trying to ease them back into the groove of things.

The team came up with many items that didn’t make the final catalogue so please ask your Account Manager about other items you can swap with or work together in brainstorming completely different items for your kit!

Benefits Of Our Kits

We have provided lots of choices with options across the board. Think of it like a virtual shopping aisle. Customize your kit by picking and choosing what suits you best and request items that you think are missing. Some other benefits:

  • Genumark will gladly kit your choices together. We can have all items shipped to our central hub in Toronto, packed securely and shipped out to your business…. Speaking of shipping, we have two other options instead of one shipment:
  • Dropship your kits to all your offices or to each employee’s home so that they will have it ready in hand when they head back to the workplace OR
  • Curbside Pickup… well, more like warehouse pickup! The kits can be prepared for a secure-distanced pickup at Genumark’s warehouse in Toronto.

Our hard efforts in staying home, social distancing, and pausing parts of the economy are starting to pay dividends. Get your employees ready to come back and remind them that you care!