Looking for something people can physically hold, that will enhance their brand experience no matter if it is an employee or future client?

Well, you have come to the right place! Whether it’s custom t-shirts, logoed sunglasses, or really… almost anything that could be tailored to your brand – we’ve got you covered!

At Genumark, we take the stress off you in curating the best promotional products and gifts to perfectly meet your needs. With over 50+ experienced account managers all across Canada, it doesn’t matter if you are in Newfoundland, Toronto, Winnipeg, or Vancouver, you will always be taken care of!

Ready to get started? Contact a Genumark Account Manager today!



Whether the idea came from an established need developed in a meeting or a spontaneous middle-of the-night eureka moment, you tell us what you are looking for or what it is you are looking to achieve.


From this need, we match you with a Genumark Account Manager. You give them the important details, such as timelines, budget, audience, or even specific ideas for promotional products.


Your dedicated account manager will use not only their experience but the collective resources that Genumark has to provide you with a list of ideas and quotes that would fit your need and budget.


Like what you see? Select promo items you want and your account manager will immediately get to work. Still don’t see the right fit? Your account manager will go back to the drawing board, combing through an endless number of our suppliers to find what is right for you!


While you go back to what you do best, we do what  we do best; stay on top of your order to maintain your timelines! Some of our favourite suppliers have been known to call us annoying as we are exhaustively making sure your custom swag order meets all your criteria.


Your Genumark Account Manager will send you proofs or samples for you to have an idea what your finished product will look like. After you have given these a thorough look and your approval, the Account Manager  will immediately put your order into production. Otherwise, they go back to the supplier and provide them with your requested revisions and will come back to you with new proofs, starting this stage over.


Once the order is in production, the Genumark  team stays on it and follows it out of the warehouse. We track your order and make sure it is shipping accurately and on time!


This is the part where you receive your product and get to happily use it as planned!


Now that you know how this process goes, let us help you in creating a tangible experience your employees and potential/current clients will love!