David’s Pro-Am Story So Far

Pro Am 2015

David Lewenberg’s team raised $85,788,36 in this years Scotiabank Pro-Am, the tournament raised just over 2 million for a 10 year total of 27 million! With your help David (Genumark Executive VP & COO) raised $12,171.00 making him a tournament all-star. Thank you so much for your help!

With a 6th overall pick David selected Marty Mcsorley and he led them to a 2 and 1 record. He really helped make it a pro experience.

David was lucky enough to line up against some great fundraising teams and NHL Alumni. Game 1 he played Robins Appleby who drafted Owen Noland. Game two he played Team Honda with Adam Oates.

David’s highlight every year is playing his great friends at Jadaco/Slavens. Each year the last game is against them and it’s a great way to end the tournament. To try to finally win this annual event David recruited his son (#12) and his friend Spencer. They thought playing against Oats and Nolan was cool but it hit home when they lined up against Hall of Famer, Darryl Sittler. They finally did win this one 8-5. David even scored and got 2 assists !!

Thank you very much for helping David honor his father. He has already registed for next years event!!!!


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