Swag U: Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Business

There is a motto here at Genumark that we strive to live by;

Be Fast. Be Nice. Be Helpful

While our competitive pricing has always been a big advantage when collaborating with us, it is our customer service that really sets us apart. Today we are going to expand on the “Be Helpful” part of our motto. This is the first in a newly launched blog series called Swag U. It is meant to go beyond promotional products and custom uniforms by providing free tips and advice that some of our experts have learned over the years. 

Our goal is to help you, your business, or the company you work for in developing an understanding of different facets of the promo swag industry and to create great online marketing strategies and tools that will continue to pay off in the future. 

To kick things off, we will cement the importance of digital marketing to your overall strategy.

The Basics: The Value of Marketing

If you have found our website to purchase custom promotional merchandise, then you will already know the value that marketing plays in a business strategy. In short:

  • It creates brand and product awareness
  • Promotes positive brand perception
  • Helps to create the right funnels that lead to new customers and higher revenue
  • Drives customer retention and loyalty
  • Facilitates word of mouth/mouse advocacy

Taking Marketing Strategies Digital

With e-commerce increasingly becoming the medium in which people conduct business and make purchases, marketing strategies change their focus to the digital age. It is important to not forget, it is not just about people making purchases online, but being seen online in search engines like Google.

Goals of Digital Marketing

The goal in a digital marketing strategy is to drive performance in acquiring, maintaining, and growing customer base.

Digital marketing allows for more focused targeting to whatever metrics would benefit your company best (more on this in a future post). You also have the ability to test and learn from implemented strategies in order to make newer campaigns more successful.

The goals are to build foundational loyalty and repeat purchase.

What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

To start, you have to ask yourself one question.

Why are we in business?”

This purpose creates the framework for everything else to come.

Once you have honestly answered that question, you can focus on measurable objectives and specific tasks that can be executed. Your digital strategy will involve a lot of intertwined components that are all important separately and essential when all put together.

Take some time and think about your target markets. Using the information you have, create different examples of client profiles. You will then have an idea of what is the most effective way to reach them online.

This article was a simple overview of the importance of a digital marketing strategy. In future articles, we will expand on some of the ideas above and also talk about important digital concepts like content, social media, SEO, imagery, ads, SEM, and analytics. We are also excited to show you some great tools that will help you in creating visually compelling and effective content. This will also be a fantastic platform to help you understand the various methods of decoration and production that takes place in the promotional merchandise and uniforms industry.

Until the next “class” of Swag U, contact us with any questions or queries that you would like to see answered in future installments. 

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