Let’s Get REAL – A Case Study

We are more alike than we are different and it’s never too late to be yourself

This is one of the core messages of today’s Showcase focus, Get REAL, a non-profit organization whose mission is to combat 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination and bullying in schools, summer camps, and workplaces across Canada. If you have not heard of this awesome group, check them out, grab a pink hat, and join the movement!

While this is a case study on some amazing looking, fully customized notebooks and gift boxes there is a more important message to take away. This post had been planned since 2019 to coincide with Pride but with the anti-racism solidarity protests happening in the USA, here in Canada, and around the globe, the message that our friends at Get REAL promote goes beyond Pride month; it is a universal mantra.

The Get REAL Movement

Get REAL began as a small student project in 2011 at Western University. As Orientation Week leaders, the four founding students saw excellent results from combating LGBTQ2 discrimination and derogatory language in a friendly way with their first year students: countless students changing their language within a matter of days; countless others coming out to them and telling them they felt comfortable being themselves. The students wanted to see if this approach – friendly, honest, diverse, peer-to-peer, and personal-story driven – could be translated into a workshop for high schools and middle schools. From this, the idea for Get REAL was born.

Since then, Get REAL has spoken to over a quarter of a million students between Grades 4 – 12 across Canada. They also run two High School / Middle School After-School programs and 10 University Chapters, providing year-long mentorship and safe spaces to learn new skills for LGBTQ2 middle school and high school age students (After-School), and University age students (Chapters).

They have produced content to help teachers, students, and even parents around the world to better understand the 2SLGBTQ+ community and how to be an ally whenever possible, including “To My Grade 7 Self” (which itself unexpectedly went viral and helped vault Get REAL to a higher platform), and “Unconditional Love”, and a new “To My Grade 7 Self – 2019”. Go ahead, take a view minutes to watch these truly inspirational videos, we can wait.

Collaborating to Create Stunningly Unique Notebook Gifts

In mid-2019, Genumark and Get REAL had a chat. Having worked together for a number of years, Genumark understood the value of what Get REAL was doing and that their merchandise is one of the best ways to promote and identify members and allies of the movement. Their visuals are bright, bold, and will grab attention.

With that in mind, we came up with an idea for a special gift set that would be a surprise, even to the staff of Get REAL.

With a few pieces of branding and the url of their website, we worked with one of our partners and handed them the brand assets. Within a couple of days, the designers had combed through Get REAL’s website, social media, and brand assets and created some gorgeous renderings of possible options for a notebook, commuter journals, and a gift box.

From these choices, we narrowed it down and then sent it off to Get REAL for approval. They were excited with the results and happy that the creative designs all fell within brand guidelines.

Once the renders were approved, we launched them into production. Within 10 days, we had the notebooks produced and on their way to Genumark where we handed them off to our friends at Get REAL. Needless to say, they loved them!

With people now working and spending a lot more time at home, branded notebooks delivered in gorgeous packaging can create emotional “wow factor” experiences that are lacking in the current climate. Get in touch to start creating your own unique notebooks or gift sets today!

Pride – More Than Parades

Just because Pride parades have been cancelled does not mean you have to cancel your support. Organizations like Get REAL are still active and doing great work for the community – in fact, they’re busier than ever with new programming moving into the virtual space and creating new tools and resources for both educators and marginalized youth across Canada. You can still publicly promote Pride! Post on social media, decorate your home, put up flags, or even get a rainbow mask! Keep the celebrations rolling!

Help be the change you want to see and raise up organizations that are working towards making that a reality. We thank Get REAL for being one such organization.

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