Heat Panel Vests to Keep You Warm This Fall

Since Mother Nature cannot decide if she wants days of gorgeous sunshine or cold rain and hair-ruining windy ones, it is hard to decide how to dress most days. Well, here at Genumark, we don’t have time to wait around for the weather report! We want to give you the best of both worlds by keeping you cool and warm.

If you often find yourself outdoors during fall, then today’s What’s Hot item is perfect for you and your coworkers. A vest, in both mens and ladies, that has never kept you toasty warm!

Warmth Meets Comfort: Shefford Heat Panel Vest

Lightweight and water-repellent, these Shefford vests are already a perfect garment addition for the autumn wardrobe, but these vests take the extra step to provide superior warmth. With an interior lining of heat panels in both the chest and back, these vests can go from a casual style piece to a sleeveless warmth-cocoon.

How are the heat panels activated?

Great question! 

These Shefford vests are powered by a power bank so that you can activate the heat by the simple touch of a button! Just place it in a special pocket and hook it up to the built-in wire and voila! Your vest will now begin emanating heat!

Get yours before all the leaves have fallen off the trees! These vests are fully customizable by embroidering your logo on the left chest, back yoke or the back right/left shoulder.

Logoed Powerbanks

We wouldn’t leave hanging without telling you some of the best choices you could make for power banks to accessorize and power your embroidered vest! Most power banks will work with this vest, you just need to make sure that it is at minimum a 2-amp (2000 mAh) power bank. Here are some recommended power bank options that you can also add your logo to, creating a custom power bank to pair with your vest.

Juice Box Flat Charge

The smallest power bank in this list, the Juice Box Flat Charge has 2500 mAh so it has enough juice in it to last normal daily use. With a size no bigger than a credit card and thinner than most smartphones, this power bank will discreetly fit into your vest pocket. You might even forget it’s there!

However, there is ample space to add your company’s logo ensuring people know who they can thank for keeping their heat panel vest running and bodies warm.

Qi 4000 Power Bank

While a nice thin and discreet power bank is always beneficial, we know that you are busy and always on the go. A 2500 mAh power bank will not suffice for heavy phone users that want to warm up their custom vests. 

Allow us to introduce you to the Qi Wireless Power Bank; a 4000 mAh charger that will not only ensure your Shefford vest stays nice and toasty, but when not warming your body, can wirelessly charge your devices. An economical, fan-favourite choice, the Qi has plenty of space for a one or multi-coloured logo on its surface and two charging ports, so you can charge your vest while keeping your phone alive!
Fall always seems to disappear in the blink of an eye, so power up the gear of your workforce with the heat panelled Shefford vests along with a logoed power bank to complete the piece. So heat up your autumn and get in touch with an Account Manager or learn how to incorporate it into your own Corporate Apparel Program!