Be prepared for returning to the workplace

Old habits are hard to break – or are they?

Canada is pretty quiet these days. No packed subways, no line-up at the deli for lunch, and the open concept office has become a Zoom meeting from a corner of the spare room. The world we used to work in has changed, and we’ve all had to adjust pretty quickly!

cotton face mask

But with new announcements from the Province of Ontario and John Tory’s office this week, we are starting to see a plan coming together for getting back to “normal”. Soon enough, we may get the all-clear notice to head back to the office — but what will it look like when we’re all together again? What will “normal” be, after this?

In cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg, commuting will have new challenges. Even the ways we move through the workplace may be impacted. Chances are, we will still need to wear masks in spaces where distancing isn’t possible, and where it is possible, floor decals, banners or other signage may be necessary to mark off safe distances between workers. And of course, every desk will need hand sanitizer — will we even still shake hands?

Hand Sanitizer
Disposable face mask

Our normal work day, when we finally do get back to it, may end up looking very different from anything we’re used to, but if the past few weeks are any indication, we are a Country full of people who can adapt quickly, embrace change, and stay positive while staying apart, together.

And when that all-clear announcement does come, we want your team to be ready to roll! We’ve spent the past few weeks sourcing goods that will keep this amazing city running safely, from disposable and fabric face masks, plastic face shields, hand sanitizers and soaps, to floor markings and decals for way finding and safe in-office distancing. And best of all, most of these are made in Canada!

Floor Decals

We hope to make this Canada’s transition back into the workplace as smooth as possible, while also helping you keep your team and your customers safe! Ask your Genumark Account Manager for the PPE products we recommend most or click below for updated pricing for our top PPE products.