Sports & Licensing

Sports are a big part of life for so many people.  It’s where we can steal time from our busy lives to play a sport or recreational activity in an effort to stay in shape and maintain our competitive fire.

Many of us parents are a modern day taxi, shuffling our children to seasonal team practices and tournaments. Through the kids, we get to relive a piece of our childhood and cheer on the little ones to victory.

Then there’s the pro’s, the athletes that quite often get paid millions of dollars to play the game that they and WE love!  We’re not going to argue whether they’re worth all that money because after all, they are the best at what they do.  Who are we kidding, of course we’re going to argue those enviable salaries but that’s what we get to do – it’s our prerogative!

Those same pro athletes are part of a professional team and play in a major league.  It’s big business in a world of big salaries, state of the art facilities, fame and recognition, endorsements, merchandise, television deals, sponsorships, fantasy pools, and adoring fans like us!   It’s the sponsorship and the merchandise that interests us.  We after all, have a great job. We’re part of the Sports and Licensing Team at Genumark.  We get to ‘do sports’ for a living.  What does that mean? The members of Genumark Sports and Licensing have the great pleasure of working closely with major sports leagues and the corporate sponsors that are so important to both the league and the individual teams.  Sponsors make the strategic decision to align their brand with a particular league and/or team.  There is a great deal of detail that goes into their sponsorship activation that we won’t cover here but trust us, there is a lot of smart and very talented people at the league and corporate partnership level to ensure a greater ROI on the sponsorship investment.

Part of any multiple-layered activation plan is corporate licensed merchandise – that’s where we come in.  The members of the Sports and Licensing team have years of experience with licensed merchandise (15 years to be exact) and corporate merchandise (this is where we remind you that Genumark has been in business for 30 years and was named Canada’s #1 promotional company).  The other factor that is truly invaluable is the relationships we’ve forged with some of Canada’s largest companies.  These sponsors measure us one promotion and great idea at a time. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we love what we do!

If you would like more information on our Sports & Licensing Division, please contact:

Murray Sobko
VP, Sports & Licensing
416 391 9191 ext 2191