Grill Clean & Safe with Custom BBQ Accessories

We recently talked about some of our favourite and newest BBQ items you can use as corporate gifts or promotional giveaways this summer. However, as any good grill master will tell you, cleanliness and safety are important when it comes to firing up the BBQ!

Always Clean Your Grill: Logoed BBQ Scrapers

It is important to always clean your BBQ grill as the left over charred pieces can not only stick to your food but are actually bad for your health. Let’s also not forget that Health Canada has warned against using grill cleaners with metal bristles as they can break off and get lodged in your throat.

Here are two bristle-free options you can personalize with your logo:

Wire coil BBQ cleaner

Twisted Wire BBQ Brush

This stainless steel brush is made with twisted wires, creating a continuous bristle that will not break. Finished with a wooden handle, it can be colour printed or laser engraved to add a personalized touch.

2 Wooden BBQ Cleaners

Wooden BBQ Grill Cleaner

Avoid wire brushes entirely by using a customized wooden BBQ cleaner! Coming in various sizes, this wooden grill scraper gets molded to the contour of your BBQ’s grates giving a fantastic scrape with each use. You can personalize your wooden BBQ grill scrapers with one colour prints or laser engraved for a more elegant look.

Silicone Oven Mitt

Grill Safe with a Silicone Grilling Mitt

The most important tool for a BBQ Boss is their hands, so make sure they are protected with a silicone grilling mitt. These grilling mitts can withstand up to 250℃ (482℉) which will allow you to safely take racks, cast iron pans, and vegetable grill baskets off the BBQ. Add a full colour logo on either side of your silicone grilling mitts to really customize them.

Red Apron

Personalized Aprons to Protect Your Clothing

Even the most experienced BBQ Pit Boss gets some BBQ sauce, grease, or food that lands on their clothing. Keep your BBQ pros clean and looking fresh by giving them personalized aprons. You can embroider/print names or company logos on them! You can go with a basic apron or go with those that have plenty of nifty spots to store utensils and spices to keep them on hand for when they need to be pulled out!

With long winters, Canadians have earned the right for some delicious BBQ during the nicer seasons. Encourage people to get their grills lit with today’s promotional gifts!