Chocolate Smash Your Way into 2021

Some say 2021 should be a 2020-Redo while others just want to put this year in a rocket and blast it off into space. No matter where you stand on that debate, 2020 has been a rough year all around. So how can we add a little cheer to the start of a new year?

Chocolate of course!

This sweet treat is sure to put a smile on the faces of most of your employees or clients who are looking for a fresh start to 2021!

Break It to Me Sweetly

Chocolate, dark specifically, has been a proven mood booster for some time. Add an aggression outlet and you have the perfect stress relief! Grab your hammer or loosen your fingers because we are going to break into the new year! 

Let’s start with dropping the hammer! These chocolate bars are available in both milk and dark chocolate and can be completely customized with your corporate logo or messaging if you do not want a stock design. Choose from 1 or 2 pounds of sweet delight and use the accompanying hammer to break it into whatever size you would like! Just picture the chocolate as the embodiment of 2020 and get smashing!

Looking for something with a little less smash? Well, alternatively, start the year off with delicious, break-off, Belgian chocolate with artistic (and customizable) colour splatter! Channel your inner Jackson Pollock and choose the colours that best match your message or brand!

Easy Pickin’ Branded Chocolate

Maybe you would like something simpler. A less active form of chocolate enjoyment. Really, it comes down to how good the chocolate taste and the positive feeling your gift has on its receiver.

These bite-sized chocolates come in boxes so that they can be easily grabbed and picked at when needed most. Whether you choose the chocolate box mix or the elegant dark chocolate covered almonds, you have different branding capabilities on the packaging that will send the right type of message for the intended receiver!

Alternatively, one of the most popular chocolate options we see year-over-year are these Sea Salt Caramel chocolates will have people salivating for a second piece after the first bite. If you are going for a delectable, elegant feeling to start the new year, then look no further. Just make sure you don’t eat them all before you send them out.

However you decide to start the new year, make sure you are promoting positive vibes! We all need a little TLC after this past year.