Kim Garrett

Director, Accounting Services

t: 416-498-4339
f: 416-494-0137



Prior to joining Genumark ten years ago, Kim managed the collection and legal department for a division of a major radio station; unfortunately this still did not enhance her singing abilities.

Her professional career includes over 25 years in the accounting “world” in both the corporate and private sector. For more than five of those years Kim was the owner/operator of a floral and gift boutique.

Kim is the mother of three and the very proud “Bubby” of three. However that personalized plate “BubbyX3” is going to need some duct tape as the fourth grand is on its way! Should you be doing the math, and wonder how 10 & 25 – 5 + 3 kids + 3.5 g-kids = 39 then welcome to creative accounting 101!