Product & Manufacturing

After the design, development and testing phases are complete, Genumark proceeds to manage the entire program through the manufacturing and fulfillment stages.

Genumark has development both domestic and offshore strategic alliances with our manufacturing partners. A key benefit to this partnership is our tremendous flexibility in production scheduling. We can ensure that stock and inventories are on our shelves and ready to ship at all times. We have been able to adjust our capacity through this network of worldwide partners ensuring customer’s requirements are always met.

In a Global market place with a multitude of “low cost “ suppliers, Genumark recognizes representing its customers brands effectively means to build quality into their garments. We do this from creative inception to manufacturing. We will never compromise durability and wear ability in our uniforms.

Products delivered to our customers are planned ”from the yarn up” to deliver exceptional wear in the workplace and to withstand an extraordinary variety of care and maintenance conditions by users.

Utilizing our up to date manufacturing facilities we can assure our customers complete and total service of their uniform program with quality as our top priority. The standards are set by the design team who review the garments daily to ensure their high quality expectations are met. Prior to the final check, the garments undergo spot checks at critical stages of the production process. Upon completion, one garment of each size is taken from each lot, measured and viewed for appearance before being released to the warehouse. We pride ourselves in our customers’ faith and this is all about being responsible and accountable. Our systems and processes are focused on eliminating error and improving performance in every part of our business.

If you would like more information on our Uniforms division, please contact:

David Colantonio
Director, Uniform Division