The implementation of large scope national and international fulfillment programs is what we do at Genumark.

Historically, providing a workforce with uniforms could simply be fitting everyone with the same blue shirt and pants. Today market savvy companies use their uniforms and work wear programs to create a competitive advantage. Uniforms provide a clean professional look that demonstrates a company’s commitment to quality and is also emblematic of the company’s professional image, standards and practices.

The process of designing a new uniform program typically begins with a detailed analysis of the on site realities of the workplace. Interviews with management and employees to encourage communication about the needs and values associated with the brand are also undertaken.

Our design team is charged with the responsibility of researching and developing new and innovative fabrics and styles to keep our customers at the forefront of their marketplace. With this analysis in hand, design then moves to the sample garment stage with detailed product specification. These samples demonstrate real world durability and wear ability of the proposed uniform. As well, this conceptual phase illustrates how the uniform will reflect and enhance the client’s identity when worn comfortably and proudly by employees.

Once a customer has clearly defined their preferred uniform program, Genumark manages a pilot (test) of uniforms to ensure the garments meet our customer’s requirements and expectations in the market place.

If you would like more information on our Uniforms division, please contact:

David Colantonio
Director, Uniform Division