The corporate licensed merchandise has been designed, approved, produced, fulfilled, and distributed all to the specs of the sponsor’s promotion and the league event.

Now what?  Breath?  Well yes, but we’re not done just yet.  We need to follow up to ensure client satisfaction and work to improve for our next project.  Bring on the ‘post game analysis’.  Reporting is a big part of any large promotion or national program.  Genumark Sports and Licensing can confidently lean on the custom accounting software that runs our company.  It was built with the flexibility to suit the custom needs of our clients and provide detailed analysis, summary invoicing, sales and distribution reporting based on any number of factors – by region, account, rep, date, product, brand, etc.  Through this reporting analysis one can develop cost efficiencies and a strategic plan for the next promotion.

If you would like more information on our Sports & Licensing Division, please contact:

Murray Sobko
VP, Sports & Licensing
416 391 9191 ext 2191