Product & Manufacturing

During the Developmental stage, we have quickly established the timing and exact needs the premium merchandise must deliver on to make the sponsor’s licensed promotion a success.

The product is often an existing item that our team has tweaked to make it more appropriate to the brand and the sports event. Alternatively, our design team will develop a product concept that resonates with the promotion.  Now, we would love to tell you that every licensed premium we produce is our brainchild, our concept but that wouldn’t be completely true.

Remember when we told you that many of the products our team develops are high profile and in the public eye? When producing corporate licensed merchandise, these items must be the best of the best.  For example, a simple t-shirt just won’t do.  It has to be the best fitting t-shirt, premium fabric, and a custom retail graphic that no one has seen before.  It must have that cool-factor if it’s going to become the t-shirt that sits on the top of the pile in the recipient’s closet.  If we don’t love it, we won’t suggest it.

Producing corporate licensed merchandise is no easy task.  Each item must reach the approvals of the league on both licensing and partnerships level.  The licensing department at each league office must ensure that all league marks are produced in the proper manner and that the products themselves meet within their guidelines.  The partnership department at the league office is fully entrenched with the sponsor and they must ensure the product meets the needs of the corporate partner and is properly co-branded to effectively showcase the relationship.  It is the responsibility of the Sports and Licensing team at Genumark to know and understand not only the sponsor’s branding but the league marks and all brand standards within the promotion.  The leagues put their trust and faith in us.  We have, after all, been doing this a very long time and we pride ourselves as being an extension to their licensing departments.

There is an extensive family of retail licensees that we work closely with in both Canada and the USA.  It is the job of Genumark Sports and Licensing to maintain a working relationship with the retail licensees and work with them to customize their products in an effort to best suit the sponsor and the promotion.

Genumark’s traditional supply chain is quite extensive and covers both domestic and overseas production.  Some of the most unique licensed premiums we produce are through the support of manufacturers that understand the specialty needs of licensing.  The next licensed premium you see was probably designed by our team.

Murray Sobko
VP, Sports & Licensing
416 391 9191 ext 2191