The best companies and leaders strive to inspire, recognize, and incentivize their workforce. In an ever-growing competitive business culture, it is important to reward let employees for their know that hard work and dedication is valued. An Employee Incentive & Rewards Program is a fantastic tool in a company or manager’s stockpile to show appreciation to and motivate staff that can deliver this transference of appreciation.

By enrolling in a Genumark Incentives & Rewards Program, you are signalling a new level of motivation and thanks to your team. This program streamlines the process of a loyalty program by using an integrated and easy-to-use platform. No extra admin is needed. This hassle free program makes rewarding employees simple.

You can build the type of custom program that works best for your company and workforce!


Increase employee engagement by providing branded or personalized items that show an employee they are valued! Positive reinforcement will help build the type of healthy work environment that your staff are happy to return to on Mondays.


Help foster corporate culture and loyalty in newer recruits by showing them what happens to those who have invested themselves in the company. Years of Service Awards and retirement gifts show employees, both new and old, that you appreciate their long standing efforts.


Thank employees who go above and beyond their job and bring in business through referrals! Once referral gifts become a norm, watch as employees go out of their way to promote the company.


Put a spark in your sales force by incentivizing them to meet and surpass sales targets.

Adding a Genumark Incentives & Rewards program can improve your company’s existing corporate culture by boosting employee morale, productivity, and loyalty!

Start your company’s program today!