Time to support David Lewenberg’s fight against Alzheimer’s

David has participated in the Scotiabank Pro Am for Alzheimer’s event for numerous years and has raised in excess of $55,000 so far! These funds go towards Baycrest who are the global leader in developing and providing innovations in aging and brain health.

Here are a few words from David Lewenberg himself:

“I have always thought Baycrest was a world class facility. However on January 2,2013 my perspective changed. My dad was accepted as a full time resident of Baycrest and our family found out first-hand how wonderful this place really is. The intake process, the assessment and the treatment of my Dad and Mom  has left me speechless. The staff, the programs and their understanding of how this has changed everything in my parents’ life is beyond words. They are professionals and more importantly a caring and companionate group of wonderful people. They have helped my Mom adjust away from being the primary caregiver to being a part of the support group. I am so proud to say that all of us play a small part in helping these wonderful people help so many families cope with the terrible effects of Al. Your support is very much appreciated.”

Below is a video of Wendel Clark doing the Pro-Am Harlem Shake featuring Genumark’s very own David Lewenberg!


Please click here to sponsor David in this year’s event.