Careful, you’re extremely hot!

Kari Watson from our Toronto office had a lovely Valentine’s experience today! This is what happened:

“I went to Starbucks this morning after having three horrendous orders got messed up at another coffee shop we will not mention earlier this week.

Starbucks has won me for life, not based on their product or their pricing but on their customer service.

The girl who took my order asked me “What do you feel like today”, not “what do you want” or “what can I get you”. She promptly asked me my name, and how to spell it. She then asked me “Do you see anything else you might like to try today” not “anything else” and not with the “do you want fries with that” attitude. So I thought I would order some coffee cake. She proceeded to tell me that “Wilson will take care of me next” so I paid, and tipped the Baristas. As I was waiting for the coffee, the third barista who was preparing it, started up a conversation with “Good morning”. Simple, easy enough to answer with a smile and a natural “Hi, how are you?”. Small talk continued about where I work in the area, as he was multi tasking very well. He handed me my coffee and I left with a VERY good taste in my mouth about my decision to come here today.

As I was walking into the office I noticed these red lines around my coffee cup – noting also that my name was written in red, I looked a little more carefully and noticed what you see in the image above!

Regardless of who I was, what I do or where I was going – Starbucks managed to make a point of making it a great day. I don’t even care if he did this to every girl who walked into that Starbucks; it makes a statement to be different.”

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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