Corporate Social Responsibility

Genumark holds a strong belief that all employees are entitled to excellent working
conditions. We believe that all employees should be treated fairly, with dignity and
respect. Genumark employees must read and abide by the employee code of conduct
which is contained in the Genumark employee handbook. The code of conduct
contains 33 distinct rules of conduct which serve as guidance and includes topics such as: dishonesty; unethical or disruptive behaviour; criminal activity; harassment and abusive language. Serious misconduct will generally lead to immediate termination of employment.

Genumark has a Health and Safety Committee that has been certified under provincial
legislation. The Health and Safety Committee meets on a regular basis and has developed appropriate plans of action in the event of medical, personal, or safety emergencies. Also, Genumark’s Director of Human Resources regularly attends seminars and receives government issued publications related to relevant labour, environmental, and human resource issues. The Genumark executive team and account management team regularly attend industry sponsored conferences related to product safety and regulations.

Genumark is not a manufacturer. We rely on our manufacturing partners and recognize that from time to time the actions of our suppliers are attributed to Genumark. Therefore, we impose high standards on our suppliers and ensure compliance with both our ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and with the code of conduct we prescribe for our vendor partners. Any breach of the standards will result in Genumark’s immediate termination of our relationship with the supplier. This code of conduct stipulates the following:

  1. Working Hours. Manufacturers must ensure that all of their employees,
    labourers, agents, and contractors working on behalf of Genumark do so in
    compliance with all applicable laws and in accordance with published industry
    standards pertaining to the number of hours and days worked.
  2. Child Labour. The use of child labours by manufacturers is strictly prohibited.
    Manufacturers are absolutely forbidden using workers under the legal age of
    employment for the type of work in the country where the manufacturer produces
  3. Prison or Forced Labour. The use of prison or forced labour by a manufacturer
    is absolutely forbidden. The use of labour under any form of indentured servitude
    is forbidden, as is the use of physical punishment, confinement, threats of
    violence or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment.
  4. Obligation to Comply with Applicable Laws, Regulations and Standards. All
    business activities of Genumark suppliers shall comply with and conform to all
    applicable international, national, state, provincial and local laws.